using the Application Menu


The application menu (see Figure 1.2) expands out from the square AutoCAD Civil 3D icon located at the top left of your screen. Here, you’ll find commands for creating, opening, saving, and printing your drawing files.
To use the application menu to open a file, follow these steps:


1. Launch Civil 3D by double-clicking the Civil 3D 2014 Imperial
(Metric) icon on the desktop of your computer.

2. Click the application menu icon. Click Open, and then click Drawing.
3. Browse to the Chapter 01 class data folder, and open
User   Interface.dwg.

4. Open the application menu once more, and investigate the commands that are listed there. You’ll notice that most of them have to do with creating, opening, saving, and printing drawing files.

5. Keep this drawing open for the next exercise.


Fi G u R E   1 . 2   Par t of the Civil 3D
application menu

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