Selecting Objects


Before you can edit or work with any objects, you need to know how to select objects and components. And before you can select any objects, you need some basic objects in the scene to select. You can add objects to the scene by opening an existing model or one of the tutorial models, or you can add a component to the scene using the Component browser.

SketchUp offers several different ways to select exactly the object or objects you want. After selecting a group of objects, you can create a selection set. Selection sets let you instantly recall a specific selection. For example, if you are drawing a car, you could create a selection set of all the windows. Then when you go to apply materials, you simply choose the selection set and apply the glass material.

Another way to select objects is with the Outliner. This dialog box lists all the objects in the scene and lets you choose an object by name. This is espe- cially helpful when you have small objects in the scene. So, let’s get going. There are objects to select.

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