Using the Move Tool


The Move tool lets you change the position of the selected object. It can be selected by choosing Tools ➪ Move, selecting it from the Edit or Getting Started Toolbar, or by pressing the M hotkey. After you select the object, you can move it by simply clicking and dragging in the main window. The mouse cursor changes to four arrows when the Move tool is active.

TIP If you get lost as you transform an object, you can press Esc to exit the transformation at any time.

Moving along a straight line

When the selected object is being dragged with the Move tool, a line extends from the location where you first click with the Move tool to the location where you drag the object. This line is known as the inference line. If the direction is along the X-axis, then this inference line is red; if the direction is in the Y-axis, then the inference line is green; and if the direction is in the Z-axis, then the inference line is blue. If you release the mouse when this inference line is red, green, or blue, then you are confirmed that the object has been moved along a straight line. Figure 6.1 shows a simple brick component that is being moved along the X-axis.

If you press the Shift key while dragging along the X, Y, or Z-axes, the axis becomes locked so that the object can only be moved along the dragging axis. You can also lock the axis by pressing one of the arrow keys.

FIGURE 6.1 A red axis line confirms that the object is moved in a straight line.

Moving a precise distance

If you want to move the selected object a precise amount, select the object you want to move and start dragging in the direction that you want the object to move. This causes the amount that is dragged to be displayed in the Measurements Toolbar in the lower-right corner of the interface. When a value appears in the Measurements Toolbar, you can type a precise value and the object is moved this entered distance.

Stretching entities


If you select an entity and drag with the Move tool, the connected entities will stretch as the selected entity is moved, as shown in Figure 6.2.

FIGURE 6.2 Connected entities stretch when selected entities are moved.

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